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Guy's Grocery Games

Guy Fieri sends four talented chefs running through the aisles in a high stakes, high skills, grocery store cooking competition. The chefs are hit by real-world challenges like finding workarounds when all the essential ingredients are suddenly "out-of-stock" or having to create a masterpiece when you can only cook with "5 items or less" or on a $10 budget. In the end, the food does the talking, as the last chef standing has the chance to make some serious dough!


About Guy's Grocery Games

Guy Fieri sends four talented chefs running through the aisles in a high stakes, high skills, grocery store cooking competition. The chefs are hit by real-world challenges like finding workarounds when all the essential ingredients are suddenly "out-of-stock" or having to create a masterpiece when you can only cook with "5 items or less" or on a $10 budget. In the end, the food does the talking, as the last chef standing has the chance to make some serious dough!

TV Show Information

Year of Release: 2013
Country: us
Last Updated: Monday 17 June, 2019
Minutes per Episode: 60
Genre: reality
Rating: 6,4/10
Season(s): 4
Network: Food Network
TV Show Status: returning series
Releasing Episodes: Sunday on 20:00
Likes: 62

Episode Overview

Season: 17
Episode: 2 - Judge vs. Judge
Released: 05 March 2018
Description: Flavortown judges go head-to-head in three one-on-one battles. First, new school meets old school as Food Network Star Justin Warner faces off against celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito. In round two, grilled cheese master Eric Greenspan goes up against Chef Aaron May. Finally, Triple-D chef Carl Ruiz and restauranteur Antonia Lofaso show off their regional cooking chops in a final round that must be seen to be believed.
Episode: 9 - DDD All-Star Tournament Part 2
Released: 26 March 2018
Description: Guy Fieri's favorite chefs from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives return to Flavortown for the second time to compete in an epic four-part tournament. He's putting their shopping and cooking skills to the test in his toughest games to see who is a Triple D, Triple G, Triple Threat. First they have to make their best street food on a tight budget, and then it's literally a roll of the dice to see what ingredients the chefs must use in their deluxe dish. Finally, they attempt to mash up comfort favorites in a winning dish for the chance to move on to the finale and earn the title of DDD All-Star Tournament Champion.
Season: 18
Episode: 19 - GGG Winners vs. Judges
Released: 20 September 2018
Description: Who knows Guy Fieri's grocery games the best -- the winners or the judges? Three GGG winners team up to take on a trio of Flavortown's finest judges to see who comes out on top of Guy's devious games. Before each round, teams must choose one member to compete for an advantage in the next round, and the final game decides which team wins $15,000. First, Guy has them make their best bacon dish using only ingredients that start with a single letter of the alphabet. Then, the chefs have to make an all-American dinner using unlabeled canned goods. Finally, the chefs have to make their signature dish using only one ingredient from each aisle.
Season: 19
Episode: 1 - First Round Redemption
Released: 27 September 2018
Description: Four GGG competitors who previously checked out early return to Flavortown to try their luck again. In each round, Guy Fieri hits them with his Wheel of Redemption, which features the games that the chefs went out on. In order to earn redemption and a shot at up to $20,000, these chefs must face their earlier shortcomings and beat the games -- and the competition -- once and for all.
Episode: 10 - GGG Winners' Holiday Extravaganza
Released: 06 December 2018
Description: Four previous winners return for the holidays to take on more of Guy Fieri's games; chefs must shop for ingredients using nothing but oversized stockings; chefs are given a gingerbread house that they must flip into a fine dining holiday dinner.
Episode: 11 - Ultimate Beef Battle
Released: 13 December 2018
Description: Chefs compete in three beef-inspired rounds; Guy asks them to shop for, prepare and plate their best beef burger; chefs receive scratch-off budget cards with the amount they can spend on their dish; chefs roll dice to determine their dinner details.
Episode: 12 - $12 Meal Showdown
Released: 20 December 2018
Description: Guy pushes the culinary limits of four Flavortown rookies by challenging them to cook a day's worth of meals with a budget of just $12 for each round; one chef's budgeting skills outshine the others and earn them a shopping spree.
Episode: 14 - DDD Family Tournament Part 1
Released: 03 January 2019
Description: Food and family collide as Guy Fieri brings three DDD family duos to Flavortown to compete. First, they shop for ingredients using only their bare hands, and then one of Flavortown's tallest and most infamous games determines the details of each team's soup and sandwich pairing. The winning team gets $10,000 and moves on to the finale for a shot at bragging rights, the trophy and an additional $20,000.
Episode: 15 - DDD Family Tournament Part 2
Released: 10 January 2019
Description: The tournament continues with families from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Guy Fieri is challenging these dynamic family duos make classic culinary duos, starting with a list of key ingredients they must feature in their burgers and fries. Then, he flips a coin to decide which half of the store the teams can shop in. The winning DDD family duo gets $10,000 and the chance to beat two other teams in the finale for bragging rights, the trophy and $20,000.
Episode: 16 - DDD Family Tournament Part 3
Released: 17 January 2019
Description: Guy Fieri brings three DDD family duos to compete in Flavortown for the last spot in the tournament finale. He gives them a weight limit as they shop for their fish and chips dish, and then they have to choose two samples to feature in pork chops and applesauce. The winning team gets $10,000 and moves on to the finale, where they must beat out two other teams to win bragging rights, the trophy and $20,000.
Episode: 17 - DDD Family Tournament Finale
Released: 24 January 2019
Description: Three families compete in two games that will decide who wins the DDD Family Tournament and the $20,000 prize. Guy Fieri has two diner-style order wheels picking out which dishes the chefs must make and which games they must play ... in both rounds!
Episode: 18 - Big Game Day
Released: 31 January 2019
Description: Four sports-loving chefs gear up for some tailgating, Flavortown-style.
Episode: 2 - GGG Judges and Their Siblings
Released: 11 October 2018
Description: The Flavortown family gets a little bigger as some of GGG's most beloved judges bring their siblings to compete alongside them; the teams must shop blindfolded; teams must use a required ingredient in their decadent dish.
Episode: 3 - Ultimate Chicken Challenge
Released: 18 October 2018
Description: Chefs come to Flavortown to compete in three chicken-themed rounds to prove their poultry prowess; Guy challenges the chefs with making a fried chicken combo on a $17 budget; chefs face a list of must-use ingredients; Guy's triangle of terror.
Episode: 4 - Super Spicy Superstars
Released: 25 October 2018
Description: Chefs face a modified food pyramid during an "International Heat" round; chefs shop for "Spicy Chicken Dishes" with tiny shopping bags; the remaining chefs brave a brand new game for a "Spicy Fried Dinner" round.
Episode: 5 - Pork-a-Palooza
Released: 01 November 2018
Description: Four chefs are challenged to make pork-inspired dishes; chefs must shop for ingredients with piggy-faced backpacks; chefs have to pick key ingredients using Guy's unpredictable deck of cards; Guy challenges the chefs to make dinner on a $20 budget.
Episode: 8 - Judges' Thanksgiving Throwdown
Released: 15 November 2018
Description: Four all-star chefs are ready to prove that it's possible to make Thanksgiving dinner with limited ingredients and then use the leftovers to make a different meal the next day; one chef will claim the title of All-Star Thanksgiving Throwdown champ.
Episode: 9 - All-Seafood Battle
Released: 29 November 2018
Description: Seafood specialists battle it out in Flavortown; chefs are limited to ten ingredients in the first round; ingredients for the second dish must start with the same random letter; a new game lays out icy parameters for the chefs' upscale fish dish.
Season: 20
Episode: 1 - GGG Iron Chef Challenge
Released: 07 February 2019
Description: Guy Fieri brings three GGG winners back to compete against each other for a chance to go up against GGG's most feared competitor and judge, Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli. First, Guy picks a letter at random that each ingredient in their first dish must start with. Then, the chefs are tasked with making an international classic without shopping in some key aisles. The lone chef left standing wins an automatic $10,000 and gets to face Iron Chef Guarnaschelli for another $10,000.
Episode: 12 - Ultimate Grocery List
Released: 25 April 2019
Description: Four chefs visit Flavortown to tackle Guy Fieri's worst grocery list yet, featuring ingredients they'd never dream of putting in the same dish. The chefs must use every item on the list during the three rounds of competition or face elimination, but Guy adds lots of extra twists. The chef with the skills to turn the groceries on Guy's worst list into the best dishes earns a shopping spree worth up to $20,000.
Episode: 13 - Restaurant Teams
Released: 02 May 2019
Description: Guy Fieri knows that there's nothing like the teamwork in a busy restaurant's kitchen, so he invites three teams of phenomenal chefs to represent their restaurants in Flavortown. In two action-packed rounds of games involving prix fixe menus and best-sellers, the chefs wow the judges with their teamwork and precision. In the end, only one restaurant team earns a shopping spree worth up to $20,000.
Episode: 15 - Best Sandwiches!
Released: 16 May 2019
Description: Flavortown has witnessed the creativity of countless chefs, and Guy Fieri wants to focus that creativity on one of his favorite foods: sandwiches! Guy brings four sandwich-making savants to Flavortown Market to test their skills between two slices of bread. Delicious deli meats, fancy condiments and artisan breads go flying as these sandwich superheroes make fried, international and stacked sandwich masterpieces. One will walk away the winner with up to $20,000 of dough.
Episode: 16 - All-Star Burgers
Released: 23 May 2019
Description: The only thing better than a burger is a burger made by one of Flavortown's all-star chefs! Guy Fieri brings together four chefs to test their burger-making prowess in a patty-for-patty throwdown that includes an over-the-top burger and fries combo and a spicy burger. One all-star chef stands apart and gets a shot at up to $20,000.
Episode: 17 - Island Eats
Released: 30 May 2019
Description: Guy Fieri has always loved island food, so he invites four island-born chefs to compete in Flavortown. First, he tests their shopping skills by having them shop with tiny bags for the ingredients to their signature seafood dishes. Then, a blind choice determines which canned ingredient they must feature in their comfort dishes. Finally, a roll of Guy's dice determines the parameters for the chefs' spicy chicken dinners before one island chef rides the wave to victory and shops Flavortown for up to $20,000.
Episode: 18 - Home Cooks!
Released: 06 June 2019
Description: Guy brings four confident home cooks to Flavortown to prove they can actually cook like GGG's finest chefs; he tests their shopping, cooking and presentation skills in three classic games, and in the end, only one home cook wins.
Episode: 19 - GGG Winners & Their Dads
Released: 13 June 2019
Description: For Father's Day, Guy Fieri brings three GGG winners back to compete against each other and they're teaming up with their dads; the teams must make childhood favorites; a classic game of bowling determine ingredients for a favorite dish for Dad.
Episode: 2 - Cookin' Couples
Released: 14 February 2019
Description: Ever wonder if a chef's culinary prowess rubs off on their better half? Guy Fieri is welcoming three couples to Flavortown to prove how much culinary knowledge they really have. First, the chefs are forced to sit and watch as their significant others shop for Sunday night dinner. Then Guy gives out his own list of ingredients and a shopping time limit for a wedding dinner. In the end, only one couple will win a shopping spree for up to $20,000.
Episode: 3 - Ultimate Protein Battle
Released: 21 February 2019
Description: Five masters of their own protein -- beef, chicken, pork, seafood and veggies -- collide in a battle for protein supremacy. Right off the bat, Guy Fieri gives them 20 minutes to make something between buns, and then they get a helping hand with a list of ingredients to use in a regional dish. The chefs in the final round get only eight ingredients to make their dinner dishes, and one protein master will best the others and win a guaranteed $20,000.
Episode: 4 - Big Cheese
Released: 28 February 2019
Description: Three cheese pros return to Flavortown to test their talents against some of GGG's cheesiest chefs. Guy Fieri puts the competitors through two rounds of deliciously cheesy combat, and the chef left standing will face off against Flavortown's Cheese Champ, Chef Eric Greenspan, for a shot at $20,000.
Episode: 5 - All Budget Wheel Games
Released: 07 March 2019
Description: Before each game, Guy Fieri spins a budget wheel that determines how much the chefs get when purchasing groceries for a specific dish. Then he spins a second wheel that further restricts their options, from a crazy ingredient they must use to a color of food they must feature or the number of store aisles they can shop. The chef who best stretches their money and culinary skills gets to shop Flavortown for up to $20,000.
Episode: 6 - Five-Dollar Dishes
Released: 14 March 2019
Description: How much does a prize-winning dish cost? Guy Fieri is challenging the chefs to make full-blown meals for four on only $5 a plate! He puts them through their paces as they make breakfast, lunch and dinner, with all roads leading to the cash register and a few curve balls thrown in along the way. The budgeteer who beats some of Guy's toughest games yet gets a shot at up to $20,000.
Episode: 8 - Five-Dollar Price Check
Released: 28 March 2019
Description: Guy Fieri invites four talented chefs to Flavortown and tells them they can only shop for ingredients under $5! Guy reveals an additional challenge in each round, and it's a GGG budget battle like never before. One budget-savvy chef will overcome Guy's games to earn a shopping spree worth up to $20,000.