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First Time Flippers

Can two First Time Flippers turn a disaster house into a dream home? We chronicle the highs and lows of renovation as homeowners take on their very first flip. Will they make a profit? Or break the bank?


About First Time Flippers

Can two First Time Flippers turn a disaster house into a dream home? We chronicle the highs and lows of renovation as homeowners take on their very first flip. Will they make a profit? Or break the bank?

TV Show Information

Year of Release: 2013
Country: us
Last Updated: Thursday 18 April, 2019
Minutes per Episode: 30
Genre: reality
Rating: 5/10
Season(s): 5
Network: DIY Network
TV Show Status: returning series
Releasing Episodes: Saturday on 21:00
Likes: 3

Episode Overview

Season: 4
Episode: 1 - Dancing on the Drop Ceiling
Released: 08 January 2017
Description: When Daniel accidentally wins a dilapidated house in an auction, he and his pregnant wife, Katie, must rush to finish the house before their baby's due date. With multiple delays and a serious lack of experience, the chances of these flippers finishing before their baby arrives gets slimmer and slimmer as the days progress.
Episode: 10 - Design Debates
Released: 12 March 2017
Episode: 11 - Missing the Muscle
Released: 19 March 2017
Episode: 12 - Cranky Construction
Released: 26 March 2017
Description: Friends Kim and Marissa enthusiastically jump into their first flip but soon realize that they may not have enough construction experience to complete the project on their own. When renovations start to go awry and delays slow down progress, the once optimistic duo realizes they are in over their heads.
Episode: 13 - Fluff and Buff
Released: 02 April 2017
Description: Longtime friends flip their first house in St. Paul, Minnesota. But when they discover a substantial mold infestation, the flip becomes delayed and the two friends clash over the budget and work load.
Episode: 14 - Dangerous DIY
Released: 09 April 2017
Description: Kyara and Khalil take on a dilapidated Baltimore townhouse for their first flip. Kyara becomes concerned that, between Khalil's dangerous renovation methods and their overall lack of experience, they might get hurt before this flip gets finished.
Episode: 2 - Toddlers and Timelines
Released: 15 January 2017
Description: Jackie and Eric's original timeline of three months for their flip is unexpectedly cut down to one month when Eric gets a job offer in another state. Jackie and Eric must work as fast as they can to complete their flip, which is made increasingly difficult with their three toddlers at the job site.
Episode: 3 - Flippin' on Broken Glass
Released: 22 January 2017
Description: High school sweethearts Monty and Reagan are flipping a house in order to spend more time with each other. The flippers soon find they have bitten off more than they can chew when Monty is forced to do all the heavy lifting and Reagan's design ideas become increasingly more expensive.
Episode: 4 - Mistakes Lead to Breaks
Released: 29 January 2017
Description: Kristen and her boyfriend, Mario, decide to flip their first house together, then their contractor abandons them in the middle of the project, and they must struggle to finish their flip on time as tensions run high.
Episode: 5 - Flip Flop Flippin'
Released: 05 February 2017
Description: Best friends Kim and Ginger are flipping their first house in beautiful Pensacola, Florida. When Ginger becomes concerned about their lack of experience, she and Kim clash over whether they should hire a professional or finish the rest of the renovations on their own.
Episode: 6 - It's Raining Cabinets
Released: 12 February 2017
Description: Justin enlists his wife, Gulay, to help with the renovations on his first house flip. But when the flippers run into multiple delays and make mistakes on simple projects, Gulay starts to doubt their ability to successfully finish the flip.
Episode: 7 - Going Against the Grain
Released: 19 February 2017
Description: Design-savvy Shayla enlists her mom, Michelle, to help her with some of the heavy lifting on her first flip. But the deeper this mother-daughter team gets into the renovation, the more Shayla realizes that her vision for the house may not become a reality.
Episode: 8 - Details and Demo
Released: 26 February 2017
Description: Sheen and his wife, Laurie, are flipping their first home in sunny Florida but, when the flip becomes significantly delayed, Sheen's meticulous methods annoy Laurie as she rushes to finish the flip in time for the open house.
Episode: 9 - Nashville Novices
Released: 05 March 2017
Description: Leland is flipping a house in his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, and has asked his parents Evy and Bob to help him with the renovations. With Leland splitting his time between his home in California and the flip in Nashville, this family of flippers struggles to complete the house on time.
Season: 5
Episode: 1 - Don't Quit on a Sandpit
Released: 30 April 2017
Description: Ray quits his job to focus all of his attention on his first flip, and he and his wife, Liz, are under pressure to finish the house on time; while Ray tackles every project on his own, Liz believes they should call in professional help.
Episode: 10 - Competitive Construction
Released: 02 July 2017
Description: A couple tries to turn each renovation project into a game to determine which one of them is the best flipper; with time and money running out, the duo soon realizes that construction is not all fun and games.
Episode: 11 - Cabinet Catastrophe
Released: 09 July 2017
Description: Newlyweds decide to flip a house, but they realize they're in over their heads as each project becomes more complicated than the last; with the budget snowballing out of control, these flippers question whether they can finish the project at all.
Episode: 12 - Communication Is Turnkey
Released: 16 July 2017
Description: In South Bend, Ind., a young married couple struggles to communicate during a flip; he has more experience and gets frustrated with his wife's lack of construction knowledge, while she gets upset when he fails to explain the renovation projects
Episode: 13 - Wild in Washington
Released: 23 July 2017
Description: Scott and Kim flip their first house in Port Orchard, Wash.; although the flippers start the project optimistically, Kim has to take time away from her day job to compensate for Scott's questionable renovation methods.
Episode: 14 - Historic Hold-Up
Released: 30 July 2017
Description: Brandon and Joe have decided to flip a house in the historic Old Oaks district of Columbus, Ohio, but they find themselves ill-prepared for the extreme delays, such as multiple failed inspections and repeated hold-ups from the historic commission.
Episode: 2 - Stressful St. Paul Flip
Released: 07 May 2017
Description: A husband and wife buy their neighbor's house to beautify their neighborhood and venture into flipping while staying close to home. But while the flip's location is convenient for the duo, differing work methods leads to stress that threatens to get the best of these flippers.
Episode: 3 - Dubious Flip in Dubois
Released: 14 May 2017
Description: Brooke and her boyfriend, Shawn, update an enormous historic home in DuBois, Pa.; however, Brooke's inexperience slows things down, and the young couple clashes as Shawn reassigns projects to himself to save time
Episode: 4 - The Not-So-Handyman
Released: 21 May 2017
Description: Real estate agent Tabitha enlists her husband, Quincy, to flip a house in an Atlanta suburb; self-proclaimed handyman Quincy is determined to save money by doing all the work himself, but Tabitha realizes Quincy is not as handy as he claims to be.
Episode: 5 - Father's First Flip
Released: 28 May 2017
Description: Courtney has enlisted her father, Dennis, to help her flip her first house at the lake. The father-daughter team hopes their flip will bring up property values at their family's beloved vacation retreat, but doing all the renovations themselves proves more challenging than they expected.
Episode: 6 - Slow and Steady Wins the Flip
Released: 04 June 2017
Description: Young and energetic Jessie teams up with her older family friend Peter to flip a house. The partners start to clash when Jessie suggests that Peter is moving at a slow pace, but Jessie's need for speed may end up hurting the quality of their project.
Episode: 7 - Plagued by Permits
Released: 11 June 2017
Description: A husband and wife's Orange, California, ranch flip starts off strong, but they have serious permit delays that may force them to lower their asking price if they get denied by the city. With numerous delays and possible expansion limitations, they start to realize that their first flip may actually be their worst nightmare.
Episode: 8 - In The Binder We Trust
Released: 18 June 2017
Description: Two young actors try to earn extra money by flipping a house in Morrisville, PA. Because of their inexperience, one of them strictly follows instructions she printed from the Internet and compiled into a "construction binder." As the flip goes on, they start to question whether it's better to flip by the book or figure it out on their own.
Season: 6
Episode: 1 - Flue Season
Released: 08 October 2017
Description: A married couple flips an oddly shaped lake house in Leitchfield, Ky., with a unique history; she has a vision for the house, while he has the construction knowledge, but things start to go awry when he gets involved with the design elements.
Episode: 12 - Home Is Where The Hearth Is
Released: 17 December 2017
Description: In Henderson, Texas, a couple decides to flip a house they've admired for years; their timeline extends beyond their expectations, and they are forced to move into the active renovation site in order to keep things moving and cut costs.
Episode: 13 - Funhouse Flip
Released: 24 December 2017
Description: In Westport, Conn., two friends think they have hit the jackpot when they nab a large house as their first flip; they soon realize the house has more quirks than expected, and the flip turns into a nightmare.
Episode: 14 - Another Brick in the Flip
Released: 24 December 2017
Description: A couple decides to flip an old farmhouse in North Carolina but soon realize they may have taken on more than they can handle; with time running out, they weigh busting their budget to hire professional help.
Episode: 2 - Tropic Blunder
Released: 08 October 2017
Description: A mother-and-daughter team flips their first house on the island of Kauai, Hawaii; while the flipping newbies have real estate experience, a surprise visit from a building inspector throws them off track; the renovation proves to be difficult.
Episode: 5 - Pipe Shelving Dreams
Released: 29 October 2017
Description: A husband and wife team decide to flip an enormous log cabin in South Carolina, but they soon realize that they have very different interests. As she becomes more focused on the design features of the house, he worries that too many important construction projects are left incomplete. The two young flippers must find a middle ground if they are going to finish on time.
Episode: 6 - Trowel and Error
Released: 05 November 2017
Description: Best friends that are behind on their flip in Guntersville, Alabama, disagree on how to get back on track. One wants to hire subcontractors to help pick up the pace, but the other wants to protect their profit margin by figuring it out themselves.
Episode: 7 - I Now Pronounce You Flippers
Released: 12 November 2017
Description: A young couple plans a wedding while flipping their first house together in Miami; their inexperience causes delays at every turn, and they may have to dip into their wedding budget to finish the house.
Episode: 8 - The Nails 'n the Coughin'
Released: 19 November 2017
Description: Lifelong friends set out to flip their first house together in their hometown of Overland, MO. While one has past experience renovating houses, the other is a total newbie. It doesn't take long before they start questioning each other's methods and are left wondering how to best complete their first project.
Episode: 9 - A Flip for All Seasons
Released: 26 November 2017
Description: First-timers enlist their friend to flip a house in Long Island, NY, but quickly realize that the project is more complicated than they ever expected.
Season: 7
Episode: 1 - Quick Flip or Slow Drip?
Released: 28 January 2018
Description: A competitive couple attempts to power through their first flip in Holmes, PA. The project starts strong as the couple strives to do most of the work themselves and keep costs as low as possible. Unforeseen plumbing issues lead to a near flood in the basement, however, causing the panicked couple to question if they can pull through at all.
Episode: 10 - Lonely Star State Flip
Released: 25 March 2018
Description: A young couple finds themselves in deep water on a flip in Pecan Grove, Texas; since he works on an oil rig for two weeks at a time, she struggles to find projects she can take on alone while caring for their baby.
Episode: 12 - Shirley Is Serious
Released: 15 April 2018
Description: Sisters Shirley and Rose flip their first house in a Boston suburb; Rose takes the lead, but Shirley grows increasingly worried as certain projects seem to spiral out of control.
Episode: 13 - Slow and Unsteady
Released: 22 April 2018
Description: A quick two-month flip is delayed fivefold when unforeseen structural issues are discovered during demo. Under the gun, the couple's priorities split when she decides to focus on intricate salvage projects while he's left with some major undertakings.
Episode: 14 - In the Trenches
Released: 25 November 2018
Description: A husband-and-wife team goes way over on schedule and budget when permit applications with the city don't go as expected. Finding themselves at a standstill with what work they can accomplish, the wife starts to worry this flip will never end.
Episode: 2 - Momma Knows Best
Released: 28 January 2018
Description: A college student enlists the help of her mother while flipping a house in Connecticut for money to pay for her tuition. The duo feels optimistic after a strong start attempting most projects themselves to save money. The young student is a little less enthused by the job as their schedule presses on, however, leaving her hard-working mother worried her daughter's social life will distract her from pulling her weight in the project.
Episode: 3 - On a Limb
Released: 04 February 2018
Description: A woman in Milford, CT, begins to worry when her husband's haphazard renovation methods take their flip off the rails. She's worried about the quality of the job and knows taking back control of the construction is the only way to carry them through.
Episode: 4 - Flipped Out Friends
Released: 11 February 2018
Description: Two real estate agent best friends flip their first home in Tacoma, WA, with hopes that their insider knowledge of what sells will pull them through. However, with no prior renovation experience, they put their friendship, flip and safety on the line.
Episode: 5 - When Duty Calls
Released: 18 February 2018
Description: In Kettering, Ohio, busy parents attempt their first flip, but things get hectic balancing life at home, their landscaping business and the flip's short schedule.
Episode: 6 - Rebuilders Remorse
Released: 25 February 2018
Description: A husband recruits the help of his wife to flip their first home in Grand Forks, ND. She loves demo but things get tricky when it comes time for rebuild. He realizes he might not have the best partner to navigate the waters of the rebuild process as the North Dakota winter approaches.
Episode: 7 - Flipping in the Big Easy
Released: 04 March 2018
Description: Two stay-at-home mothers flip their first house together in New Orleans, but their friendship is tested by their conflicting design styles and schedules; the two friends will have to find a way to compromise in order to finish the flip on time.
Episode: 8 - Besties On A Budget
Released: 11 March 2018
Description: Two best friends flipping a house in Amherst, NY, struggle to complete renovation projects themselves due to lack of experience. Failed project after failed project leaves one looking to the pros. The other, however, begins looking to the numbers in search of a cheaper way.
Episode: 9 - Flip-Cation
Released: 18 March 2018
Description: A West Coast couple attempts a four-week flip while on vacation in Perry, N.Y.; as the end of their trip approaches, he wants to find contractors to finish the house, but she worries they won't be able to find someone who can see her vision.
Season: 8
Episode: 1 - Weathering the Flip
Released: 01 April 2018
Description: Two cousins take on their first flip as hurricane season approaches in Louisiana. They weather the storm but they're left to fix a ton of residual damage. It's a lot for any project but it's especially tough for first timers hoping to keep their heads above water.
Episode: 10 - Power Problems in Chicago
Released: 18 November 2018
Description: Two cousins flip a funky, outdated house in Chicago, tearing it back to its original structure; plumbing and electrical problems threaten their progress, but they don't see eye to eye when it comes to hiring professional help.
Episode: 11 - Upstate Upset
Released: 02 December 2018
Description: A husband and wife take on an enormous house in upstate New York for their first flip. Even with a background in construction, they find themselves overstressed and out of luck when the project is delayed by several months. The couple tries to split household duties and flip duties so that they can work on it day and night, but with exhaustion and winter creeping up on them, at least one of them is worried there's no end in sight.
Episode: 12 - Flip Out of Reach
Released: 09 December 2018
Description: A husband and wife set out to flip a spacious home all by themselves in Baltimore. As a real estate agent, she knows what the people want, but he worries her-high end tastes and minimal experience will sabotage their profits.
Episode: 13 - Texas Teardown
Released: 16 December 2018
Description: An unsuspecting husband and wife discover wide-spread termite damage that forces them to transition their Dallas flip from minor renovations to a complete rebuild. As their six-month timeline and workload doubles, these flippers cling to the hope the market turns in their favor.
Episode: 2 - Unstructured Budget
Released: 29 April 2018
Description: A married couple takes on a flip in their hometown of Hillsdale, Michigan. After making some progress by tackling projects on their own, their strict budget is put in jeopardy when they discover major damage to the roof that threatens the entire structure of the house.
Episode: 3 - Batter Up!
Released: 06 May 2018
Description: A SWAT expert breaks out the force's battering ram for his and his girlfriend's first flip in West Palm Beach, Florida. They're off to a great start with the big guns, but it's the small tools that give them the most trouble. Poor measurements lead to wasted time on simple projects, threatening their tight schedule.
Episode: 4 - Light at the End of the Flip
Released: 13 May 2018
Description: A married couple starts on what they believe will be the perfect flip in Rochester, New York. But one partner's meticulous nature leads the couple to move at a pace so slow it could jeopardize their two-month schedule, while the other's sense of urgency induces stress over the timeline. These flippers soon realize that the only way they may finish this flip is to divide and conquer on their own terms.
Episode: 5 - Unscrewed Flip
Released: 20 May 2018
Description: A real estate agent takes on a flip with her mom in Bossier City, Louisiana. These novices are in over their heads from the start as basic tools cause a struggle and attempted projects go awry. Tensions run high as they blow past their expected six-week schedule, hurting their budget and possibly their business partnership.
Episode: 6 - A Rotten Flip
Released: 27 May 2018
Description: A young couple discovers pest damage while flipping a four-bedroom bungalow in the seaside town of Newport, North Carolina. Fixing the rot is a major hit to their budget and adds to their never-ending list of projects. These flippers must split up the work if they are ever going to finish, but that's easier said than done.
Episode: 7 - Flipping Over Cabinets
Released: 01 July 2018
Description: A daughter enlists her mom as her partner for a flip in East Tennessee. They have big hopes for the renovation but their methods clash when the daughter wants to move through projects quickly and just "eyeball it" instead of following her mother's more tried-and-true methods. These flippers will have to find a balance if they want to make it out of this flip together.
Episode: 8 - Bugging Out Over Beams
Released: 04 November 2018
Description: A couple flips a gutted ranch-style home in Owasso, Okla.; the discovery of termite damage puts this flip behind schedule and over budget; the real trouble begins when one flipper ignores the other's design ideas.
Episode: 9 - All Play, No Flip
Released: 11 November 2018
Description: A real estate agent and her husband start their first flip in Jackson, Tenn.; surprise structural damage, electrical problems and mold turn a one-month project into a 10-month ordeal; she gets frustrated with his playfulness.